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North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers
North Saanich Interior Designers

Located in Victoria serving Victoria, Sidney and North Saanich and surrounding areas




We offer 14 week full programs, 8 week partial programs and single session options. All our sessions are modular and self contained with an option of creating self-assigned projects which at the end will mesh together to form a comprehensive final project (if you are enrolled into the 8 or 14 week programs).

The full DIY DESIGN ESSENTIALS seminar series includes 35 hours of instruction and up to 30 hours of at home research and development. In this program sessions are conducted weekly with small groups with no more than six participants at the time to ensure maximum learning. While critiques of projects are not offered until the last week on session 14, private project revisions are available for an additional fee ($38/per hour- program participants only, or $100 regular).

  1. - Full fourteen session program: For the DIY designer at heart. While the full program will not certify you as a designer, you will get a comprehensive tool box you can apply in your current and future projects. Skills include: general principles of design, functional space planning basics, materials overview, project management basics and expressing creativity through colour and form integrated into a project.
  2. -Partial eight session program: For those who are not in need to learn all the aspects in our program, but would like to work on a project or want to fill in some blanks. Sessions 1, 2, and 13 are highly recommended,
  3. - Single Sessions + Nine pillars: Need to learn only a particular aspect from our list? You can, provided you have completed our first session, Nine Pillars of Design, you can select individual sessions as you need.


Week One

9 pillars of Design: Everything you need to know before any and all design projects

(open to all)

Week Two

Defining your Project, Discovering your options. your scope,

Choosing a Style and general look

Week Three

Conceptualizing your space, the right atmosphere through the positioning of windows, doors, ceiling heights, objects in the room, and use of colour.

Week Four

Space Planning: understanding rooms and building positioning, Smart space saving, creating comfort through space distribution, basic building codes

Week Five

Measuring and Rendering spaces, basics of perspective, basic sketching

Week Six

Flooring Essentials

Week Seven

Lighting Essentials, Fixtures

Week Eight

Water fixtures, kitchen, bath and similar rooms

Week Nine

Kitchen, Bathroom and Closet Cabinetry


Week Ten

Colour Palettes, getting the perfect colour shortcuts of the trade

Week Eleven


Week Twelve

Material Boards , specs books

Week Thirteen

Pulling it all together

Project Management Basics, understanding timelines, general budget creation, learning how to make choices and edits to your project

Week Fourteen

Project Critique

(only for participants working on the 8 or 14 week project)

WEEKEND PROGRAMS ( 8 hours long)

Home Staging:

Ideal for anyone showcasing their home with the following purposes: Selling your home, Renting, Airbnb or Special Occasion Decor (Christmas, Parties etc).

Designing for Health:

Learn about healthy choices of construction and decor materials

Use of decor such as light, colour and furniture for improved concentration, learning disabilities, mood improvement and more...

Creating barrier free floor plans for better mobility

Earthquake Retrofitting Basics:

Learn DIY simple methods to help your home be prepared for Earthquakes

Learn of two additional steps you can take to better improve your home in case of Earthquakes

Stress-Free Decluttering

Easy no non-sense methods to have beautiful functioning homes free of clutter

Feng Shui

Learn the basics of Feng Shui, with practical western short cuts that will make sense for your individual needs