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Sidney Interior Designers
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Located in Victoria serving Victoria, Sidney and North Saanich and surrounding areas

Art Inspired

Founded by an artist and a trained designer, at 9 Design Victoria Inc. we have been creating art inspired designs since 2005. After producing several murals and feature walls for commercial and residential clients, we moved into space planning, color coordination, and creative solutions for interior spaces.

From homeowners to restaurants and hotels, if you’re looking for functional yet artistic solutions, you can find them at 9 Design Victoria Inc.

Organization Ideas

Have you gotten in over your head and are now looking at downsizing your home? Or maybe your kids have moved out and you’re in a new home with all your old belongings that much better suited your old house.

Certified in sculpture, painting, and other art methods, 9 Design Victoria Inc. will take a creative approach to your decluttering with organization ideas that are backed by more than just the need to be clean.

Meditate on one item a day to give away? Grab a box or a trash bag to aim to fill it? With 9 Design Victoria Inc. you’ll find more unique methods to declutter your home, and all driven by the creativity needed to really have fun with the process.

Best of all, whenever possible, we take the environmentally friendly route. Successful space planning should always work to improve your lifestyle in a multitude of ways, not just one!

More Than Interior Design

9 Design Victoria Inc. sets itself apart from other interior design companies by focusing strongly on the expression of uniqueness. We are not after making big design statements unless that’s the aim of the individual client.

With a background in innovative design, made to help minimize anxiety, we will create and customize art objects, both paintings and sculptural, to fit a space. You’ll be amazed at how we can maximize your space both by removing and adding in new items—not to mention switching up the colors on your walls.

When working with 9 Design Victoria Inc., you’ll find that we see flexibility as a virtue. We are always happy to adjust to your design goals, and work within the budget that you set out.

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home or incorporate organization with new design elements, no job is too small or unimportant to us.