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Located in Victoria serving Victoria, Sidney and North Saanich and surrounding areas

The Client,
Comes First

At Nine Design Victoria, we believe client involvement is the most important aspect of a successful project. We pride ourselves in making sure our clients have as much participation in the project as they feel comfortable doing. We take into account your needs, aesthetic preferences and personal believes.... In other words, YOU THE CLIENT, COMES FIRST.

Whether you're looking for one of a kind Home Design, learning how to be your own project designer or letting us take away all the pressures of design, we are here to help.

What We Can Offer You:

We understand that not every client has the same needs when it comes to the process of design. At Nine Design Victoria we want you to have the freedom to choose how much involvement in your project feels comfortable. Some of you have a great flare for design and you feel very energized at the prospect of being your own designer. We can offer your the support to help you undertake the process with ease and confidence. On the other hand you may find the process of sifting through design choices too stressful. We are also here to help you by managing the full project and let you relax.


We offer a full range of options from traditional design services to one of a kind design catered to both residential and commercial environments.

At Nine Design Victoria we understand the importance of having a well thought out interior design plan. A specific style scheme can make a world of a difference when it comes to your environment; the right décor, colours and furniture can transform a small, claustrophobic space into a chic and cozy nook, or an unfriendly cold office into an avant-garde motivational atmosphere.

Design Services:

  • Residential: Single family homes, condos, apartments etc
  • Commercial spaces such as: Offices, Restaurants, Retail Spaces, Lobbies and waiting spaces.

Coaching Services:

Interior Design Coaching: We offer a wide variety of workshops to help DIY builders and DIY designers create beautiful, functional and personalized homes. Our believe is that the most effective way to truly personalize a Design Project is by directly involving our clients and let them be their own designer. We provide tools such as non-certificate, hands on, workshops and hourly based consultation on prospect projects.

Workshops: Our Workshops include:

DIY Interior Design Essentials: Designed by you, for you.

With unique flexibility, this DIY workshop is meant for anyone with or without designing experience. All our sessions are modular and self contained so you can choose individual themes , a package of 8 sessions or the full 14 weeks program.

Fashinable Chair

Day Workshops: Our Day Workshops include:

Designing for Health: The most important aspect in our living spaces is to have an environment that will help us be productive, healthy and free of stress. This workshop is design for those who would like to learn about how to arrange spaces in a way that they enhance our lives from the mental, emotional and physical point of view. Learn colour schemes and furniture/light arrangement to boost your productivity, learn how spaces can enhance your mood, help you concentrate or or help you relax, and learn how the materials we choose in our buildings, the furniture we buy and even products we use everyday can have an impact on our physical health.

The Basics of Earthquake Retrofitting: Victoria BC is one of the most actively seismic places on Earth, yet most of us are not prepared in significant ways to withstand “the big one” when it comes. In this workshop you will learn some simple decor options to help you be protected. We will also learn a variety of building options some you can do yourself and some you can contract out. This options are meant both for prospect homes and for homes which were built before the current seismic building codes were implemented.

Free Hand Artistic Rendering for Architectural Spaces and Design Elements within a Room: This is not a workshop meant for precision drawings, but rather to help anyone depict the general look of a building or a room. This is useful in order to help you express your design ideas to others and to help you picture yourself and others “in” the space. You will learn drawing techniques that will allow you to depict room’s objects, and buildings both interiors and exteriors. You will learn basic perspective as well as how to infuse colour and life into your architectural drawings through colouring.

Design Thinking for Builders ( 9 Pillars of Design): Many of the most expensive mistakes in construction are created due to the lack of due diligence in the PRE-DESIGN stages. Design Thinking for Builders teaches you everything you need to learn before any and all design projects go into the design and planning phases.

Feng Shui for the West: Feng Shui is a traditional philosophy originated in ancient China which deals with how, our minds, bodies and even spirits are influenced by our surroundings. In this workshop you will learn the principals and how to apply some of Feng Shui principals to our Western Homes. As Feng Shui is deeply intertwined with Chinese Cultural and Spiritual philosophies we will learn some of its basics, however in this workshop we will not go deep into the religious aspects or believes but rather focus on the overlaps of western views of design and space and how to apply them to improve the living environments of our homes.